Tom Brooke joined the band in 2008 when founding member Dino Hayz stepped down as lead vocalist to pursue his Center 4 LIVING in Rock Island and to raise his new son.  Tom is a "real tenor" and has been a great addition to the band.  He had big shoes to fill and has filled them well, so he must have big feet.

Nicole Gabriel got her start with Identity Crisis by sitting in on a few songs several years ago.  We don't know how we could live without her now!  Her fabulous vocal talents on songs from Aretha Franklin to Linda Ronstadt make her a mainstay of the band.  She can belt them out there as well as any female vocalist we know of.

Alan Morrison quit his "day job" in 2008 to pursue his own business in guitar and amp repair, guitar lessons and custom guitar-building.  Alan is our lead guitarist and sings lead on many songs.  Alan is also a founding member of the band.  Do you have a guitar you'd like to upgrade?  Call Alan!  I won't trust any of my guitars to anyone but him.  And he's an amazing guitarist and vocalist with our band.

Dave Kamp joined the band very early when Alan was playing bass.  He showed up with a bass in one hand and a guitar in the other.    Lucky for us - he's an awesome bassist and assists with great backup vocals as well as lead vocals.  Dave is a great example of our many multi-talented musicians in the band.

Tom Sokolik is our rhythm guitarist.  Tom is a founding member and adds backup vocals and lead vocals.

John Korn is, in real life, a trumpet player, but when the band was forming, it needed keyboards so that is John's main role in the band.  He also adds guitar and trumpet on a few songs, and is a "singer of funny songs", also adding backup vocals.  John is our band leader and booking agent.  

Jim McCartney is another founding member and his day job is Band Director at North High School.  Jim plays trumpet, sometimes drums, and leads the horn section.  

Drew Anderson also plays trumpet and is the band director at Pleasant Valley High School.  

Tony Knobbe was adorned with a new alter ego in the Quad City Times - "Big T - The Conga King", for his ability to instantly get a conga line going when we play the right song.  Tony plays trombone and is a founding member. (He also looks good in a sash, sometimes adding a tiara)

Maggie Oates joined the band in 2018 and plays alto and tenor sax as well as flute and piccolo.  Maggie's day job is  band director at West High School.

Kris Kendell came to us almost as a fluke and what a lucky fluke that was.  She sat in a couple of gigs to play "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" on violin.  That song remains as her signature chart but she adds another layer to our horn section sound, making us a very unique band.  Kris recently retired from teaching in the Davenport School District.

Bill Kopcho  joined the band in 2017.  Bill brings a lot of rock & roll drumming experience to the band.




Ethan Jones is the latest addition to the band, running our sound system.  No easy task for 12 players.

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